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Rainy season in Thailand – All information

Rainy season in Thailand: Many people stay away from traveling during the rainy season in Thailand. The term monsoon season evokes unpleasant images in the mind, which have little in common with vacation. Can a trip to Thailand during the rainy season worth anyway?     Rainy season Thailand – All information In this article I […]


Travelogue Pattaya Thailand

Part 2 of my trip report on Thailand. After a very interesting stay in Bangkok with many great experiences I went on my very short walk to Pattaya. Many things I had heard, but mostly negative. Whether I was able to confirm that, you can learn in my travelogue Pattaya.    Travelogue Pattaya, Thailand   […]


Airport transfer Bangkok – all possibilities

There are many possibilities to get from Bangkok airport to the city. In this article I speak solely from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is the main airport and is driven by all international airlines.   Airport transfer to Bangkok:   1.With taxi from the airport to Bangkok Apart from the VIP Taxi the regular Taxi is the […]


Travel magazine Bangkok – All sights and information

Bangkok is probably one of the most fascinating cities in Asia. The particular location on the Chao Phraya River and the many attractions make this city a tourist treat for any visitor.    Travel magazine Bangkok – sights and information General Information about Bangkok: Bangkok is (literally translated as “village in the plum grove”) named […]


Backpacking Thailand Route- All info to explore the country

Backpacking Thailand Route: Thailand is ideal to travel for backpackers. The many extraordinary and beautiful places as well as the simplicity of traveling, making Thailand the mecca for backpackers. Also, the county is suitable for almost backpacking beginners. Here I have compiled the best backpacker routes in Thailand. The best backpacker routes in Thailand All routes […]


Transportation Bangkok – All ways to reach your target!

In this article I am concerned with the transportation, which are in Bangkok available. Many have probably wondered how to optimally move in Bangkok. Unfortunately, this question does not answer as simple as it sounds. Due ti the daily traffic jam, it is advisable to be as flexible as possible to get around in Bangkok.    How to […]