Safety regulations for traveling with hand luggage

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Traveling with hand luggage: After the terrorist attacks of September 11 has changed a lot of flight safety. Therefore, you should pay close attention to what You must carry in your hand luggage and what not. To avoid surprises at the security checkpoint, I have compiled this guide you for traveling with hand luggage.


Traveling with hand luggage – this you should note

If you want to commence a flight, must undergo the usual security checks. Most of these are very strict and some will be surprised at what can not be carried everything. Although the controls in my experience are in Asia not as strict as they should be, in Germany, USA and other European countries, but they are pulled through tough. This is our safety and should be accepted as such. In the worst case, you just have to dispose of the prohibited item. This is no big deal since it can be taken care of in the destination country with safety for replacement. Especially people who only travel with hand luggage safety regulations should explicitly note. To avoid such problems in advance you should have the following simple riles to travel note with hand luggage.


Here are the current safety regulations for traveling with hand luggage:

May be carried in hand luggage addition:

Everyday items such as nail scissors, disposable razor, pocket knife with max. 6 cm blade length.

Prohibited items in carry-on baggage are:

Lighters (Zippo), paint and spray cans, gas and gas containers.

So if you want to go traveling with liquids and creams in hand baggage, you should already be ensured that these have a capacity <100ml when purchasing. In most drug stores you can find many products in travel size. If you however have the ability to store such items in the luggage and deliver, you not need to pay attention to any rules!

PS: Please show the zip bag always separately. This speeds up the security checkpoint and thus shortens the queue!

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