Tiger Cave Temple Krabi – 1237 steps to happiness

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Tiger Cave Krabi – 1237 steps to happiness: The Tiger Cave Temple near Krabi Town is for me one of the most impressive and most beautiful sights in all of Thailand. A visit to the magnificent temple complex should not miss Thailand tourists. Why is this so and what you can experience everything at Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi Thailand, you can find out here.


Tiger Cave Tempel Krabi Town, Thailand (Wat Tham Sua)

The Tiger Cave Temple is on a fairly large temples-area near Krabi Town, Krabi Province. In addition to the Tiger Cave, there is here also a newly built temple-tower (Chedi) and many other smaller buildings. The whole place is considered by Thais to be very sacred and is as it were a place of pilgrimage for the faithful Buddhists from across the country. Since even a footprint of Buddha is located in the temple himself, pilgrimage daily number of believers here. But for tourists, this place is not entirely uninteresting and definitely one of the top attractions of the Krabi region and in my opinion quite Thailand.

The absolute highlight of the area is definitely the 600-meter high temple rock on which a golden Buddha statue is located. Even the newly built and impressive Chedi is around 99 meters from the top view, only a tiny thing.


Directions Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi – Best way to get to the Tiger Cave Temple

The Tiger Cave Temple can be reached from Krabi Town by taxi easily. In addition, of course, several guided tours throughout the area around Krabi are offered. Simply inform the local travel agencies.

Who wants to go to the temple late in the evening, maybe should organize a pick-up in advance. After 19h, it is on the system fairly quiet.

Alternatively operates a bus to Tiger Cave. But a small walk from the stop must be taken into account. Just ask the locals. They know how to get to the temple.

Blick von Krabi-Town auf den Tempelberg: Die goldene Statue ist sogar aus dieser Entfernung zu erkennen.


Wat Tham Sua – Tiger Cave Temple Krabi, Thailand

Admission to the entire temple complex is free. Unfortunately, the 100-meter high chedi is currently under construction (2014). A donation is therefore always welcome. In addition to the small cave temple, the actual Tiger Cave, of course, a visit to the 600-meter high mountain temple is the absolute highlight. Exactly 1,237 steps lead to the top. The climb is at temperatures around 35 degrees upwards simply hellish. The height of the steps of around 10 centimeters high knee varies. Even the many thieving monkeys, one make the climb to the ordeal. So after a few meters, my water reserves I have been stolen! Fortunately, took pity on me, a young German couple, and shared his resources with me.

The climb to the Tiger Cave Temple:

1237 Stufen führen zum Glück. Zwar ziemlich anstrengend, dafür entlohnt die Sicht aber definitiv!

The rise can be estimated at some 30 exhausting minutes. The fitting and jocks of you make it definitely a little faster. Small breaks you should definitely do cause of the heat. These are used for relaxing the strained legs, and very important, the absorption of water!
Please also give attention to the weather and time of day. Since the ascent takes a good 30 minutes or longer, it would be annoying if it is already dark when you has reached the top.

The best time for a visit to the Tiger Cave Temple is definitely the morning or evening time. The midday heat should be avoided! The number of monkeys along the stages are quite pushy journeymen and so annoy some visitors.

At the top there is then next to a fantastic view even free water from the tap.


Tiger Cave Temple tips:

  • Be sure to take water reserve for the climb
  • Be aware of the monkey
  • Drink enough water
Geniale Aussicht vom Tempelberg

Others to Tiger Cave Temple in Thailand:

-The Place is considered very sacred. Appropriate clothing should be granted.

-The Summit is a place of peace and mediation. Considerate behavior is required.

-The Descent is definitely not to be underestimated! Proceeding at an extremely in the already strained legs.

-Who Come here as part of a tour group, a shirt to change should be take with you. The passengers in the minibus will be thankful one.

-Aware the monkeys at the Tiger Cave Temple. These fellows like to steal anything not rivet and nail hard.

-Counting? Not worth it. Sooner or later, probably comes out everyone;)

-The facility houses a Buddhist monastery with about 80 monks and nuns and 200 lay people.

Der 100m hohe Chedi wirkt von oben plötzlich winzig.


The Tiger Cave Temple near Krabi is just a wonderful place. The views of the 600 meter high temple mountain is phenomenal. The actual Tiger Cave also worth a visit. In the rear part of the temple area there is also a large footprint of Buddha. The Chedi is currently under construction acts bottom very spectacular, but from the Temple Mount really tiny …

A day trip to the Tiger Cave Temple in Thailand has so much to offer and is for me an absolute must for Thailand tourists!

I wish pleasant 1,237 steps to happiness.


Tiger Cave Temple Krabi Gallery

What did you do on the site of Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi experienced? Share your impressions with us!


For more information about Tiger Cave Wikipedia


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