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Travelogue Koh Samui: In the third part of my trip report, it is about the coconut island Koh Samui in Thailand. After a boozy night out in Pattaya, I went in search of recreation conditions to Koh Samui. In the end I stayed there for more than ten days. What was there to see and experience, you can read here in my travelogue.


Travelogue Koh Samui, Thailand

Transfer von Pattaya to Koh Samui:

To get to Koh Samui there are several possibilities. The fastest and most comfortable of course the aircraft is. As a Flash Packer, attaches great importance to time, I naturally chose this rather unspectacular option. Of course, a trip can be quite appealing out across Thailand, but I wanted to spend as much time at my final destination Koh Samui.

So I went in the morning out of the hotel and called a taxi. The driver called a price of 500 baht for the ride to U-Tapao Airport. That was OK. Once there, it was immediately clear that it is actually here a military airfield. Daily there are 2 or 3 civilian services. One of them is the evening flight to Koh Samui with Bangkok Airways. The flight time Pattaya – Koh Samui is approximately 1 hour. After an agonizingly long wait at an airport that has nothing to offer, the machine finally lifted in the direction to Samui International Airport.




Flughafen Ko Samui: Gepäckausgabe

On Koh Samui finally landed, quickly brought the luggage up and down to the taxi stand. On the way there, I came up with a fellow, who was 10 years ago on Koh Samui. He noted that he did not recognized the airport again. At that time here seemed only a simple bamboo hut to serve as a terminal. These times are definitely over.

At the taxi stand arrived the prices for trips to various places on Koh Samui were tightly written. 500-700 baht but seemed too much to be. So I decided to leave the airport area on foot, hoping to grab a taxi at cheaper prices on the street. This failed miserably, of course. Even after what felt like an eternity walk in the darkness, came finally a taxi towards me. Again, a fare of 500 baht to Ban Lamai was due. Oh great;-) The night walk so had brought nothing.

The driver took me finally to Lamai and after check in I met a a great group of three Germans in the bungalow next door. That could indeed be only funny;-)


Find Magic Resort here


Sightseeing Koh Samui

The next few days were a healthy mix of sightseeing, beach and nightlife. Often I was going about with my neighbors from the Magic Resort. We rented scooters for 150 baht a day and made the island on your own insecure. Luckily the guys were already here for the second time and so had a few tips and secret corners for me. Somehow it seems to always be so that you get to know someone somewhere who was here once before and one introduces into the secrets of the region. One day I might even be one of these “anyone” …

In concrete terms, we made many short trips to attractions such as the “Grandfather and Grandmother rocks” to countless viewpoints in the mountains of Koh Samui or to the best beaches on the whole island. In the following I even count on the best activities that the most fun caused me to Ko Samui. The best and most cost-effective, these are of course accessible by own scooter.

Beaches on Ko Samui:

  • Lamai Beach: The Lamai Beach was as though our house beach, which was only 10 meters from the bungalows. This is definitely quieter on as in Chaweng. The further one goes toward the southern end of the beach, the less tourism is recorded. Sometimes whole sections of the beach are even deserted. And that definitely applies to the high season. For me, this beach was the perfect blend. At the very end rises the rock with the famous View Point. On the other side is the “Grandfather and Grandmother Rock Formation”
Südliches Ende Lamai Beach: Hier sind ganze Strandabschnitte sogar zur Hochsaison Menschenleer


  • Silver Beach: Close to Ban Lamai is the legendary Silver Beach. It’s going very little and it is one of the most beautiful beaches on all Koh Samui. Here are no resorts and hotels located. Silver Beach on Koh Samui is definitely worth a visit and absolutely free of sun beds and parasols.


  • Chaweng Beach: The main beach on Ko Samui. There are chairs close together and many hotels and resorts. Nicely, it is somehow anyway. Only all the fuss was not what I was looking for. Chaweng Beach -> Beach Party


  • Maenam Beach: Rather quieter recreation beach in the north of the island. Numerous luxury resorts and villas have settled here. The beach is really nice, because of the luxury hotels here it is also relatively full. Guests are sure rather older and thus it is here in general rather quietly.


Sights and activities on Koh Samui:

  • Big Buddha: The Big Buddha is probably one of the biggest tourist attractions. Every day, thousands of people come here. e.


  • Grandfather and Grandmother / HIN TA and HIN YAI: Rock Formation near Lamai Beach (Southern end). Nature has here created two rocks that look like a penis and a vagina. And even right next to each other. Was that really the nature? Coincidence or not? I dont know. Nearby is the Lamai Viewpoint. A climb for 10 baht worth it. The view over Lamai Beach is amazing.


  • Na Mang Waterfall: Beautiful large waterfall in the inland of the island. Definitely worth it for a little trip. Great photos can be shot here in any case. During the day it is very busy here. Better come early evening.
Na Mang Wasserfall: Größter und sehenswertester Wasserfall auf Ko Samui – Eher früh morgens oder spät abends kommen, dann ist weniger los!
  • Other waterfalls: At each corner are any road signs that lead to waterfalls. Most are very unspectacular and not worth the often long marches into the jungle! The best and largest is really the above Na Mang waterfall. If you have nothing else to do, you can also visit the others.


  • The mumified monk – Wat Khunaram: The temple complex is not particularly spectacular, but here the mummified body of the monk Lounge Pordaeng is issued.


  • Crocodile, elephant and snake farms in Koh Samui: Of course there are on Ko Samui several snake and crocodile farms. I have not visited them. However, a small trip to the elephant farm can be fun. Here you can rides elephants for around 600 baht. The tour takes you through the jungle and makes somehow fun. The elephant farm where I was is very well kept and very nicely laid out.


There is also the Tiger Zoo and many other attractions of this kind. However, parks like this are often accused of animal cruelty. Whether you want to visit everyone should make up with yourself.


All in all, the days on Koh Samui were well filled. A healthy mix of relaxation and sightseeing possibilities as the days fly by. Highly recommended, it is to rent your own scooter and explore the island on your own.


Koh Phangan day trip and Koh Tao: In really any travel agency a innumerable day trips are offered. From snorkelling trips to Kayaktrips and deep sea fishing, anything is possible. Guided tours to the Main Attractions or Jungle Offroading are sufficient to present. Whether you want them to take everyone needs to know itself.

But really worth is a day trip to Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. The trip costs around 2500 baht, but it is with speed boats traveling that require only a fraction of the time to the goals than the normal excursion boats.

Unfortunately the weather was bad at my leisure. The captain of the small speedboats said fiercely forward waves and advised anxious passengers from participating in the tour. Several people turned back. I decided to board the boat and sit on. But already at the beach this small nutshell was smashed so violently in the waves, that I jumped off just before the engines started and did not participate. In retrospect, I was told that probably some people had to struggle with their stomach contents;-)
So I had made ​​the right decision.

Die Speedboote warten auf ihre Gäste. Schlechtes Wetter zieht auf, die Wellen sind schon am Strand relativ “groß”


Koh Samui Nightlife

The nightlife on Koh Samui is extremely varied and has something to offer for everyone. The party center is clearly Chaweng Beach. There are countless pubs, bars, go-go bars, discos and clubs. A little trip to the famous Green Mango I had just taken as a visit to the Reggeae Bar. Everything is pretty close together and the party area is opened until the early morning.

The nightlife of Lamai is also really good. The Fusion Club in the center of Lamai is a rather poorly attended nightclub. Otherwise, there are also many beer bars and beach bars. New Year’s Eve, we finally celebrated then in the Swing bar right on the beach. An unforgettable experience, since exactly the right mix of party, show and people prevailed. It was not empty but not too busy. A real gem!


Every Saturday in the village center of Lamai theree is a Muay Thai event. There are chairs set up around the ring in the “village square” and countless tourists and locals alike pursue the rather exciting fights in different weight classes. Admission is free and all worth seeing.



Panoramaaufnahme Lamai Beach, Ko Samui
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