Trouble in Thailand: 5 problems that you could get

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Problems Thailand: The inspiration for this article, I have from the travel blog Indojunkie, a travel blog about Indonesia. Here I’ll be show you five problems (which actually no problems are), you could definitely get as flash packer, backpacker or as a normal tourist in Thailand. 

Trouble in Thailand: 5 problems that you could get as backpacker

1.Tuk Tuk Bangkok – Tailored Suit, Jewlery, Ping Pong Show

In Bangkok you will meet tuk tuk drivers who want to inspire you for their Sponsored Tours. At the end you end up anyway at any tailor, jeweler, or a Ping Pong show.

Remedy: Make the driver clearly but politely point out that you’ve already enjoyed the full program … Then he will bring you safely without further incident to your destination.

Tip: If you’re not yet come to enjoy such a trip, then just go to the steps below:
Let chauffeured you one day free through Bangkok and look at the tuk tuk driver as your personal guide!

Discuss with the driver a route where he will get you everywhere. At the very end of your tour you allow him ti bring you to a tailor, a jeweler, a boat trip or tsomewhere else. There he will collect his commission (usually fuel vouchers) and you were allowed in return for free or dirt cheap ride all day through Bangkok. Result: He is happy and so are you.

The riders will be quite reliable and wait in front of the sights good for you. From rip-off here may indeed be no question.


2.Noise Thailand

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure to travel to Thailand, will know what I mean. Each bar trying to drown out the closest and attract as more customers. The music is usually turned up to pain threshold until it almost breaks the boxes or the eardrum. Cars and tuk tuks are often so far modified, that one might think that a Ferrari is driven around the corner. Should not have been applied hand to the exhaust, then certainly of the sound system!

Remedy: That’s Life in Thailand. Find yourself from and just do with it. This is the most fun. Optionally, there is still the good old ear plugs for those quiet nights;-)

Of course the whole thing is a little excessive. There are many very very quiet and relaxing places and even in Bangkok. You only have to know where!



In exotic countries, there are of course also for our understanding exotic “vermin”. Cockroaches are just as default represented as lizards and other reptiles. These are not unusual in Thailand and it should therefore also no one really panicked. What should happen to? The one or other cockroach will get lost for sure sometimes in your room;-)
Although mosquitoes are annoying, but unfortunately always include with it.

Remedy: Put your shoes not necessarily in front of the door. Especially in rural areas, there are snakes and tarantulas.
Otherwise helps even mosquito repellent or a mosquito net.

Alternatively, you can also eat the cockroach yes:-) Should be very proteinaceous.


4.Power outages

Who could already admire the professional cabling in Thailand, know that every German electrical engineer would be horrified.
There may be occasional blackouts, but these are usually resolved quickly by a miracle.

Remedy: Take a flashlight with you to find your way in the dark. Also, you can rub a little time and, for example, read a book till despite power failure. Alternatively, you leave your room and simply celebrate the great nightlife of Thailand. Provided that the power is not turned out anywhere.


5.You fall in love

This is probably the “worst” scenario, what can happen to you. You fall in love with this beautiful country and will addicted to discover more and more. You love the food, the people and the way of life. You will definitely return and spend some vacations here. At the same time you will be a welcome customer at your favorite airline;-) So Many will also certainly not be returned home!

Remedy: not travel to Thailand! Stay at home instead and staring at the wall;-)


As you can see, most of the “problems” in Thailand are no real problems. Do not just worry too much. In Thailand somehow all goes his right way!
However, be aware of point 5 🙂


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