Bali climate – All information about weather on Bali

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Bali Weather: Bali is an island belonging to Indonesia in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. This is due to the always warm and tropical climate. Find out everything you need to know about the climate and weather in Bali.


Bali climate – Alle Information about weather on Bali


Tropical climate Bali: 

The climate in Bali is as mentioned above tropical. This means that the temperature is relatively constant over the entire year. The temperatures vary between 22 to 34 degrees Celsius. The annual average is 28.5 degrees Celsius. Also in the coolest months the temperatures never fall below 22 degrees! At night, also no falls of temperature below this level are expected.

These temperatures are for sea level. However, there are many volcanoes on Bali and the mountains. The highest is Mount Agung (3100 meters). Temperatures drop to these heights of course considerably lower. Although the temperatures hardly vary here, but at night the thermometer can sometimes drop to 10 degrees Celsius. During the day it climbs slightly higher than at 20 degrees.


  • At sea level always prevail tropical warm temperatures. Even at night the thermometer does not fall below 22 degrees.
  • At higher altitudes (3000 meters) the temperatures move between 10 degrees at night and 20 degrees day.


Climate Table Bali Indonesia (sea level)

Monthly average temperatures Denpasar
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max. Temperature (°C) 33,0 33,4 33,6 34,4 33,1 31,4 30,4 29,6 31,4 33,6 32,7 33,0 Ø 32,5
Min. Temperature (°C) 24,1 24,2 24,0 24,8 24,1 23,5 23,0 22,5 22,9 23,7 23,5 23,5 Ø 23,6
Precipitation (mm) 345 274 234 88 93 53 55 25 47 63 179 276 Σ 1.732
Rainy days (d) 27 22 20 9 8 6 4 4 8 12 16 22 Σ 158
Quelle: Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency, Indonesia, Daten: 1961–1990[Link]


Jimbaran Beach Bali


Wetter and Seasons Bali:


  • Dry season Bali:

In Bali there is from May to October dry season. It is only to expect little rainfall. The rainy days are limited at this time to 4-8 per month. The rainfall ranges between 25-55mm.

At this time, also trekking at the inland offers outright. The ascent of the volcanoes is highly recommended in the dry season.

In the months of August and September is the main tourist season in Bali.


  • Rainy season Bali:

From November to March is on Bali rainy season. The north-west monsoon brings rainfall of up to 345 mm with it. January is the rainiest month. Then you have to expect 27 rain days per month.

Rainy season in Bali does not mean that there must be continuous rain! The rain is very unevenly distributed on the island because of the central mountain range. While in the south and in the mountains with 2000-3000mm precipitation is expected the north shore  of Bali just comes down to good 1000 mm. The mountains protect the north and acts as a rain barrier.

Basically, you should expect heavy and relatively short showers. Especially in the north rainy days are rare. But in the south of the island you should expect much more rain.


Conclusion for traveling to Bali during the rainy season:

Even during the rainy season Bali is an interesting destination. The island is less crowded and offers more relaxation and tranquility. Who is staying in the rainy season in the north has to expect short rain showers. In the south, however, it may come to rainy days ever.

Water temperatures Bali:

The water temperatures in Bali move throughout the year ranging from a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius. Swimming and diving is therefore always possible to Bali. The diving season in Bali is from April to October.


Best time to visit Bali:

The climate in Bali is year-round tropical warm. When is the best time to travel is clearly recommended the period from May to October. Then little rain falls around the island.

But even during the rainy season, a visit to Bali well be attractive. So the island is then visited and less in the north of Bali falls only a little rain. The central mountains shields this area of ​​the island. In the south and in the central mountains.

Der sagenhafte Tanah Lot Tempel auf Bali

Der sagenhafte Tanah Lot Tempel auf Bali

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