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Part 2 of my trip report on Thailand. After a very interesting stay in Bangkok with many great experiences I went on my very short walk to Pattaya. Many things I had heard, but mostly negative. Whether I was able to confirm that, you can learn in my travelogue Pattaya. 


Travelogue Pattaya, Thailand


Transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya:

From Bangkok we went in the direction of Pattaya. Although I had not seen anything from Bangkok for a long time, I knew that I would return again for sure.
So I bought a minibus ticket for 300 Baht from Bangkok to Pattaya. This ticket you can buy in any travel agency and all runs very reliably, on time and fairly unproblematic.

The journey takes about 2-3 hours and is quite pleasant in the air-conditioned minibus. Here you meet many fellow travelers and is not a problem to get involved in a conversation. So I got to know several people who shared a baht bus with me at the destination. Although we promised by the ticket seller at the travel agency to transfer directly to the Beach Road, but unfortunately this was not the case. We were get off directly to the main station, of the baht buses. The driver obviously knew immediately what was going on and of course refused a ride at reasonable prices.
After long negotiations we finally got a ride for 30 baht per person to the Beach Road. A good deal for the driver who would regularly get only 10 baht per person.

My hotel, which I booked earlier via Agoda, however, was far out and so whopping 500 baht again due for a taxi! Pure rip-off! There finally arrived the next scandal wireless was not as described in the price:-(

A little tired from the trip and the celebration the night before I went to sleep and was eager to explore Pattaya the next day.


Sightseeing Pattaya

The next morning we finally waited only a few seconds out of the hotel for the next baht bus. They run all over Pattaya along the main roads on fixed routes. Baht buses in Pattaya are easily flagged down and you jump on it. Be paid by a flat rate of 10 baht per trip. The distance does not matter. The price is fixed and will be payed to the front driver if you jump off.


In the baht bus already it made me to watch people a lot of fun and I’ve got a first taste of Pattaya and its visitors. Pretty soon I then also realized that there is probably not so much to see here. Finally arrived at the Beach Road, which is the lifeline of Pattaya, my impression was confirmed more and more. This hotel bunkers are close together and the sea is not really fantastic! It reminded me more of a broth and also the waves or flow appeared to be quite strong. Although high season was (2 days before Christmas), people were hardly to be found at the long but narrow beach. All the more older men who enjoy lunch at 1pm already have the first beer in one of the many beer bars. Beer bars and western restaurants there are more than needed. Somehow I felt after a while as if I had landed on Mallorcas, El Arenal.

So far so good. What should I do now? Relaxing on the beach – not so keen on it! Explore the area? Well what is it anyway? So off to the next big shopping center. Nothing special! I have it at home also and in some cases even better. Even the ghost train or the bad wax museum on the top floor is a big thing. The day seemed to be gone.

After a while relaxing on the sun deck, I decided to a little town tour. Again, there was not really much to discover. Only a few stalls and smaller markets, many bars and more sun beds. Of course, I also did not let out the famous Pattaya Walking Street. This is hardly to recognize at daytime. Someone will possibly wondering how suddenly the evening become a fully-equipped radiant GoGo club from the under construction ruins at noon. From Thai calm and nonchalance no trace when it comes to business in Pattaya.
After rounds on Walking Street I decided now but for a little trip to the beach and I spent the rest of the day there. What else should I do?
In the evening I went back to the hotel and I got ready for the famous nightlife of Pattaya. This one can hardly escape and it is an absolute must see for every visitor of Pattaya.

Pattaya Nightlife – More sightseeing than during the day!

I went around 9 clock towards Beach Road and Pattaya Walking Street. There is the whole lively nightlife and actually there is no way around it. Baht buses run all night through the area and are a great way to get to the desired destination and back home. In the baht bus I met a nice German man, who wanted to show me the benefits of Pattaya. I thought to myself why not and accepted the invitation with an open mind …

We got off at the Beach Road and walked towards Walking Street. Already in the first meters I realized that the real life in Pattaya hour takes place only at late hours. During the day, the people just sleeping. Also arrived at the Walking Street is a very different picture than offered me a few hours earlier. Everywhere lights and loud music. From the unassuming shops magnificent night clubs have become and on the streets frolicking masses of people. On top there are girls, girls and more girls. I’ve been told that on weekends even busloads of young ladies are trucked from all over the country to satisfy the demand … Repulsive or not each have to decide for yourself here!

Of course we also visited a lot of night-clubs, and what happens there, already exceeds partly the boundaries of good taste. Although I’m really not strung delicately and no child of sorrow, it is hardcore whats going on there. The average age of the guests in the shops is usually well over 50. Not even a school class of 30 first graders would manage to reduce the average age in the stores significantly!

After a few trips to the various bars and clubs we could still end the night in the nightclub Marina. Here actually meet anyone who can not get enough even after 4 clock.

A word about the nightlife in Pattaya: I felt in Pattaya at any time uncomfortable or threatened. Also in stores you not can speak from rip off of or something else. Who wants to enjoy only a cold beer can do so well here undisturbed. Also, several restaurants and bars invite you to linger. Nevertheless, it must be said that sex is ubiquitous here and most visitors arrive for the only reason here.

Back in my hotel, I decided to Pattaya to leave the next day. My next destination was Koh Samui.

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