Protests in Bangkok and Thailand: All about safety

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Often there are reports of the protests in Thailand and Bangkok. Many tourists and travelers are worried about security. Why and to what people in Thailand protesting about? Is the security for tourists remain assured? These questions I will answer here.


Demonstrations and protests in Bangkok / Thailand: safety for tourists in Bangkok


Why protests in Bangkok Thailand in particular always occur?

Why is protesting in Thailand in general, know the least. Here I clarify rough on it. The topic is quite complex as a whole. So I try here greatly simplifies to show the reasons for the protest in Bangkok.


Who stands up against, and why?

There are 2 camps of the red shirts and yellow shirts which face. The Yellow Shirts, presenting the old elite and are loyal to the king. The upper middle class and the middle class are among the members of the Yellow Shirts. They are usually officers, civil servants and traders owe their prosperity to the royal house.

The red shirts are the farmers, traders and policemen from the poor northern Thailand. These support the current government of Thailand Minister Yingluck Shinawatra around. She has the political line of her brother Thaksin (former Minister) continued and has made particularly popular among the poor by investing in infrastructure and poverty has been fought. 2006, the brother of the Prime Minister was finally overthrown by the military and has since lived in exile in Dubai. Allegations of corruption were raised by the military against Thaksin.

Since the military coup, Thaksin’s name is a red flag for the yellow shirts and it made ​​every effort to prevent re-gaining power. Now the Minister Shinawatra comes into play. On November 1, 2013, it erlies a law which would have allowed her brother to return to Thailand. The protests 2013/2014 took their course.

Bangkok, Thailand: In der Gegend um den Grand Palace haben Demonstranten ihre Zelte aufgeschlagen.

Bangkok, Thailand: In der Gegend um den Grand Palace haben Demonstranten ihre Zelte aufgeschlagen.

Safety for tourists in Thailand:

The tourist areas of Thailand are affected by the protests as well as not. The main protests are taking place exclusively in Bangkok. Initially, the government opponents besieged the headquarters of the Prime Minister and the area around the Grand Palace. A large main road was also blocked. On January 13, eventually the protest movement called for action shutdown Bangkok. The infrastructure should be completely paralyzed.

Tourists who avoid the large protest meetings have nothing to fear. I myself was even partially surrounded by the rallies and felt neither uncomfortable nor threatened. At that time, everything seemed peaceful expire. Nevertheless, it is advisable to stay away from the protest centers.
So if you want to explore Bangkok and thereby avoid large gatherings of people, will probably have no problems. In the rest of the country is felt by the protests anyway as good as nothing.



As the protests affect my Bangkok visit?

Bangkok, Thailand: Demonstranten haben die große Hauptverkehrsader gesperrt. Videoleinwände und Zelte blockieren den Autos den Weg.

Protests 2013/14: The protests are mainly placed in Bangkok’s Old City. The area around the Grand Palace and Wat Pho is particularly affected. Here camp the protesters and have a great main road completely blocked. Moreover, the Kao San Road is only accessible via a detour. In the end, this is not so bad, but with the result that more time must be allowed for the paths. Especially in this area, there is traffic congestion. It also identified with police checks again. Western visitors are going through but as good as ever.

During Shut Down Bangkok action the city and the area Siam Square, where the MBK Center is located was blocked.

The airport has not been blocked.


Who avoid larger crowds has nothing to fear during the protests in Bangkok. Unfortunately, it can happen that some attractions are blocked. This should then also really avoid and visit at another time. Otherwise Thailand is hardly felt by the protests in the tourist areas.



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