Tuk Tuk Bangkok Thailand: Everything you need to know!

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Tuk Tuk ride is a must in Bangkok. You hear countless horror stories but the many benefits of a yuk tuks usually go unmentioned. I would like to highlight in this article both sides and explain at the end why Tuk Tuk ride actually does not even so bad.


Tuk Tuk Bangkok Thailand: Everything you need to know!


The history of the Tuk Tuks:

The actual name for the Tuk Tuk is auto-rickshaw. Due to the typical engine noise but these vehicles are colloquially called Tuk Tuk. This has become so naturalized and is a household name. Tuk tuks are used mainly in Asia and are nothing more than taxis on 3 wheels. The engine sits between the rider and the top speed can also be good and happy times 100 Km / h. The Tuk Tuk is manufactured by several companies. Among them are large companies such as Suzuki and Daihatsu.
In Thailand there are two Bangkok-based companies and some in northern Thailand in Chang May.
Gradually disappear, especially in Thailand, the tuk tuks, since taxis are becoming increasingly popular and can score with more comfort and an air-conditioned cabin.
Despite this fact, yuk tuks belongs to Thailand as well as beaches or mosquitoes. Especially in Bangkok they still dominate the street scenery.

Getting around in Tuk Tuk is noisy, dangerous and it is constantly being ripped off. But must it always like this!?


In fact, it is very loud. Especially when the driver has modified its exhaust. The exhaust of other vehicles are exactly height of passengers and the hot exhaust gases are blown quite often in the face. Wish to leave the suspension and ride comfort left. The driver winds precariously through the traffic and overtaking daring! That sounds after a horror trip!? Do not worry it is not so bad!

Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the Tuk Tuk driving in Bangkok and Thailand:


  • sound
  • Bad driving comfort
  • Passengers on exhaust height of the other vehicles
  • No safety devices
  • daredevil drivers


  • Also can handle the biggest traffic jam
  • Drivers fight for every passenger
  • At peak times often the only way to move forward
  • often cheaper
  • Free tours are available, if you know how it goes
  • A sense of adventure


The Tuk Tuk is still often the only way to move forward. Anyone who has ever tried in Bangkok to get a taxi during rush hour will be a miserable failure. There comes a tuk tuk just right! This winds its way quickly through the traffic and brings you to the desired target. In most cases, the price is still ok!
Who comes with the daring maneuvers of the driver panicked, should always keep in mind that the driver is a professional who does all day otherwise! In addition, but everything is in Thailand anyway in Buddha hands:-)

Of course there are among the tuk tuk drivers black sheep. But these stories should not pay too much attention. Who determines and friendly and occurs prior clarifies all questions will have no problems! Trade the fare in advance and enter clear where want to go.


How do I get to the aforementioned Free Tour !?

Well that’s completely free of course not. Moreover, the whole thing is worth only if you find yourself for the first time in Bangkok and want do a little sightseeing.

It is best you go before doing so:
Pick a driver of your choice. Talk to him about it, where you want to go anywhere today. Tell him that it is permitted to make at the end of the tour a visit to a jeweler or tailor, from which he will get a commission. Alternatively, because there’s even boat trips which I can recommend (see trip report Part 1: Bangkok). Communicate clearly that you expect it to be driven home again at the end. The driver will admit it, most likely to be chauffeured you free or a pittance call (10-50 Baht). Congratulations! Now you have your personal Bangkok Guide.

But beware! Please buy in the end, something from the dealer or jeweler to go trouble out of the way because only then receives the tuk tuk driver his commission in the form of vouchers for LPG . Also a little tip the driver will gratefully accept.

As you can see, the tuk tuk is a very rounded thing and moreover it belongs to Thailand holiday with just this.
And when there is traffic jam in Bangkok, just take the Tuk Tuk 😉


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