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Bangkok is the center of Thailand. From here all doors are open. Whether traveling within Thailand or throughout Southeast Asia, Bangkok is the hub par excellence. In this article I will describe to you what options are to get from Bangkok to Pattaya and what to consider for transfer. 


From Bangkok to Pattaya – All ways of transfer


The possibilities for the transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya:

Due to its close location to Bangkok, it is very easy to get to Pattaya. The track is relatively short at 150 km distance. Good two hours to be scheduled for the journey to Pattaya. The prices for the trip from Bangkok to Pattaya are very manageable and should also for low budget backpackers not be a problem.


How to get from the airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport) Bangkok directly to Pattaya:


Airport Pattaya Bus:

The airport bus leaves directly from the terminal to Pattaya (Gate 8, Arrival Terminal Level 1). The bus runs from 7-22 clock and stops at various stations in Pattaya.


By taxi from Bangkok airport to Pattaya:

The taxi to Pattaya is a very good alternative to the bus. If you arrive at night, you have no other option. The price is very moderate and is officially by taxi meter about 1500 Baht. The highway fees are already included. The journey takes 1.5-3 hours depending on traffic.
The ride back from Pattaya to Bangkok airport is a bit cheaper and about 900 baht.


From downtown Bangkok to Pattaya:


By Bus from Bangkok to Pattaya:

Buses of the first class, leave to Pattaya at a distance of about 20-40 minutes at the following bus terminals in Bangkok:

  • Bangkok Eastern Terminal – Sukhumvit Road (Ekamai)
  • Bangkok Northern Terminal (Morchit)
  • The travel time in the air-conditioned and with on-board toilet equipped buses is 2-2.5 hours.

The tickets cost 115 baht.
The buses run from 4: 30-23: 00 clock.


By Mini-Bus from Bangkok to Pattaya:

In any travel agency in Bangkok’s city center there are tickets for mini buses from Bangkok to Pattaya to buy. Especially in the area around Khao San Road, many of these agencies have settled. The fare for the good 2-3 hour drive is 300 Baht. The journey begins at an agreed starting point (eg Khao San Road or hotel) and ends in Pattaya. If one is not issued directly at the destination, you have one of the many Baht buses to change, which goes for example to Beach Road. The fare for this is again about 30 baht (beware rip off).


By Taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya:

The price of a taxi ride is between 1000 and 1500 baht. Since the driver in Pattaya reluctant to return empty, the ride from Pattaya to Bangkok by taxi with 800 baht is a lot cheaper.


By Train from Bangkok to Pattaya:

Pattaya Beach Road: Baht Busse verkehren hire an jeder Ecke

Pattaya Beach Road: Baht Busse verkehren hier an jeder Ecke

The cheapest way from Bangkok to Pattaya is to drive the train. The trip costs in the non-air conditioned third class only 35 baht and takes good 3.5 hours to complete.
The train starts at Hualamphong station in Bangkok.

Driving times: Depart Bangkok-Pattaya 6:50 Clock / Return Pattaya-Bangkok: 14:20 clock.

In order you have to change to the so-called baht buses from the station to Pattaya Beach Road and pay again 30 baht.

Conclusion: Conveniently and comfortably. Who has enough time and leisure, should consider this possibility. For morning grouches, the only ride at 6:50, however, is less suitable 😉

By plane from Bangkok to Pattaya:

Near Pattaya there is only the U-Tapao Airport. This is about 30 kilometers south of Pattaya and is primarily a military airport which is also used for a few civilian flights.
I It is offered NO connection from Bangkok to Pattaya!


Of course there are many other ways to get from Bangkok to Pattaya. However, here you ind only the best ones. My favorite is the mini-bus from Khao San Road to Pattaya: relatively fast, comfortable and reliable. 

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  1. We used the LYFT app (then Uber) to book our taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya and it was super reliable. We were charged 1645 baht which was only slightly more than the rate given by a taxi in Pattaya for our route back – they charged 1500 baht.

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