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Lamai Nightlife: Lamai Beach on Koh Samui is a very nice place to spend you vacation. Here it is neither too quiet nor too busy and the beach is beautiful! Also there is plenty to do at night in Lamai. All about Lamai Nightlife you will learn here:


Lamai Beach Nightlife Guide

At night in Lamai you not must be afraid to not find fun. It is definitely made ​​for good entertainment. It does not matter whether you are traveling single or with your family want to spend a few evening hours. Almost the entire nightlife in Lamai twiddles along the local road and to a large extent from on the beach. Here have I summarized all the options for the evening hours in Lamai.

Family / couples:


Bars Lamai:

Families and couples will find many small bars along the local road and the beach. Where live music is also often played and it is provided good entertainment.


Beach Bars:

On the beach actually all resorts stand chairs and table outside at the beach at evening time. There you can quite comfortably enjoy your drink and listen to the waves. If you like it a bit livelier, you should visit the Swing Bar in the center of Lamai Beach. There, especially the younger people meet and celebrate by loud music.



There are restaurants in Lamai Beach along the local road to suffice. From Europe spreading to excellent Thai food is really all represented, and in every price range.


Muay Thai Lamai:

Every Saturday night fights take place in the village square. Admission is always free. At one of the many go-go bars that have settled you can find some place. The beer is here to “Prime Time” around 100 baht. The events begin about 20 clock.


Muay Thai Fight Lamai: Hauptkampf

Discos Lamai:

In Lamai there is a disco. The Fusion Club is situated opposite the village square and opens from about 22 clock its doors. However, it is here usually only really full until well after midnight.


Pubs and Sportsbars:

Along the main road through the town, there are many excellent pubs with live music. You can not miss the the best. Here life is raging really every night!
Even sports bars are not really hard to find in Lamai. Especially the OutBack Bar is one of the largest. Here you can look cozy football and enjoy a cold beer. Even the Shamrock Irish Pub is one of the hotspots in Lamai.



Also along the main road, some massage parlors have settled. For couples and families rather the north are suitable. The further one moves south, the more ambiguous is the offer.

The massage parlors in the town center (so far behind the village square) are thoroughly recommended and family friendly.


Food Stalls:

Located next to the village square and between the Family Mart takes place every evening a small night market with lots of great food stalls instead. There are excellent and traditional Thai food dishes. The prices are completely within normal limits.


Lamai Night Market:

In the south of Lamai is located in a side street a nightly tourist night market. There you will find lots of souvenirs and other more or less useful stuff. So if you want a little shopping, well cared for here.


Single Nightlife Lamai:

Even Singles can have fun in Lamai. If you’re traveling alone here, you does not remain alone for long. Assuming you want it too …


Beer Bars Lamai:

Lamai Nightlife: Etliche Bars und Clubs haben einiges zu bieten

Throughout Lamai there are the so-called beer bars again. There usually working young ladies who try to animate the male customers to buy drinks. Many Thai girls go for a small fee (Barfine) which is payable to the bar owner with the guest. However, in such bars and women and any other visitors are always welcome. The Thai girls are then also not pushy and really happy about every visitor. The girl selling the guests the time with small games like Connect 4 and can be always like to invite for a drink. Not unusual to see the Beer bars also couples and groups sit.

It can be found throughout Lamai beer bars at many places. Especially along the main road are many to find. However, there are also three large clusters of beer bars, which I present here:


1.At village square – Muay Thai Ring:

At the village square there is pretty much the largest collection of beer bars. Here are courting the small roundel to each guest. And also to the peak season.

2.Next to McDonalds:

Right next to the Mc Donalds in Lamai also find some Beer bars. Here it is generally more tranquil than at the Muay Thai ring.

3.At the south end of Lamai:

Relative at the end of the place many small beer bars are located in a side street, which are more attributable to the red light district. The Nightlife in Lamai has definitely reached its peak here for Singles. Especially the Billabong Bar is known locally and the epitome of party-goers singles.


A Go-Go Bars Lamai:

In Lamai Beach there are no real go-go bars, as they are known from Pattaya or Bangkok.



Also massage parlors with ambiguous offers are not uncommon in Lamai. While the salons near the center have more serious offers, the salons are in the north and especially after the bridge is more for adults.


Fusion Club Lamai:

In the Fusion Club Singles will find accompaniment. Many Thai girls from the surrounding bars come here after work and enjoy the evening. The majority of ladies are of course always looking for companionship.


Lamai Nightlife Map


Lamai Beach Nightlife: In Lamai nightlife is just great. Here is something really for everyone on offer and you will certainly be able to spend a few days here without getting bored.


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