Minimalist Travel preparation for Thailand Backpacker

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Travel preparation Thailand: In this article I would like to succinctly explain a good way to prepare for your trip to Thailand as a backpacker or Flash Packer. The trip to Thailand should optimally be a healthy mix of adventure, extraordinary experiences and relaxation at the same time. Why do not you just start with the relaxation in your travel arrangements !? In Thailand, nothing is easier than to live from day to day. Somehow it always works.


Minimalist Travel preparation for Thailand Backpacker


Travel preparation Thailand – Simple like that:

Buy an airline ticket to Bangkok, insert money / credit card and passport and get going! Tens of thousands of back- and flashpackers start of each year their trip to Thailand like this and have not regret this. The meeting place is the Khao San Road in Bangkok. Here you’ll meet thousands of backpackers from all kinds of nations of the earth. Rooms are more than enough available also for peak travel time and from here you can plan your further Itinerary easily. Enjoy the adventurous and relaxed atmosphere around the Khao San Road, and plan your trip one of the many travel agencies or simply amuse yourself with like-minded backpackers in one of the many bars. Transfers and accommodation can be booked directly on site and are always to get at reasonable prices.

This type of trip preparation Thailand is admittedly not for everyone, but for me definitely the best. I can recommend it to anyone in good conscience! Who knows, maybe at the end of your trip goes even beyond the borders of Thailand, because Bangkok is the gateway to Asia!



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