Don’t fear your first long-haul flight – All tips

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In this article I want to give the absolute travel newcomers among you, a little help at hand to cope on your first long-haul flight. All Tips for flying and transfer as well as the expiration of a long-haul flight I have summarized here.

This article will bore every veteran traveler. But I did not made the article for them. Much more I want to give the beginners among travelers useful information on long-haul flights and also explain the procedure. I hope that I can dispel doubt and worries and make you your trip in advance as pleasant as possible. For everyone, no matter how experienced travel professional has eventually started and had the same questions and concerns as their most likely.

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The first flight – long haul flight change, tips 


The process of long-haul flights:


There are basically two options:

First you have booked a direct flight (to deny the most comfortable way long-haul flights)
Second you have booked a flight connection, which requires one or several changes (usually a lot cheaper)

Both variants have their right to exist and depend on standards of comfort and budget.



Do not go to late to the airport. Remember always that it may have come along the way to disabilities caused by traffic jams or delays.
Even someone who has a Rail & Fly ticket train, should always expect any possible delays!
Most airlines recommend their passengers to show at least 1.5 – 2 hrs before the scheduled departure time at the check-in desk..
Many airlines also offer the possibility to abandon the luggage the night before. You can finde further Information on the website of your airline.


2.Check-in process:

Check-In Direct flight:
Should you have booked a direct flight, the whole thing is quite simple and clear. Go to the check-in counter, provide documentation, abandon your bags and take your boarding pass.
Your luggage is automatically at the destination airport and is provided here for you at the baggage claim. Your hand luggage you can keep with you. But be absolutely sure that it complies with safety regulations.

Check-In Flight with change:
On a flight that requires a change, the whole things is not even more difficult. If you have your connecting flights with the same airline, you can proceed as follows: Make your way to the check-in and submit your documents. Most the staff looks at the counter immediately after entering your data in the PC that you have booked a connecting flight. Should this not be automatically noticed, you can of course simply draw attention shortly thereafter. Now you should all boarding passes are issued, which requires her for your flights to the final destination.
Even the luggage is then automatically checked through and you must not worry about it (transfer baggage). Baggage handling runs automatically and reliably in the background. A sophisticated system of conveyor belts that ensures that everything is loaded in the right plane. You can ask for you own security again the staff at the check-in and make explicitly clear that the baggage is transfer luggage. The destination to which the luggage is passed can read on your baggage tag easily.

Should you have booked independent flights and fly with different airlines, so it may well be that you have during the interchanges to pick up the luggage and then must be manually checked in at the counter of the other airline again.



Proceed to the security controls of the respective terminals. Take all liquids and electronic equipment out of the pockets. So it speeds up the process of security check.
After passing the control you can often find countless shops and restaurants, to sell the time until departure. Don’t miss the correct time for boarding! This can be easily read on your boarding pass. The information about the gates and departure times are displayed on the screens in the terminal. If you do not ought to find your way, you will find help at the airport personnel.

For large commercial aircraft boarding often takes place in so-called boarding groups, to allow a quick and orderly boarding. The boarding groups are then called from staff to embark the plane. Which boarding group you belong to, you can also see on your boarding pass.


4. Flight:

Just sit back and look forward to your upcoming trip. On long-haul flights always all drinks and food are actually free of charge! (Also applies to alcohol)

5. Change:

Should you not have booked the comfortable direct flight, you must certainly change at a node. Also this is not rocket science. Getting off the plane and put yourself to the gate, which is registered on your next boarding pass. Most time also friendly staff is helping you to find the right way. Should it be just in time, the ground personnel often ensures that all passengers arrive in time at their gates. In some cases it may even occur that a plane is waiting for the absence of passengers.
To load your luggage you don’t have to worry, if this was in the check-in process declared as transfer baggage. Proceed to the transfer area and just wait for the next flight. Usually, the transfer times are generous, but it should have come to delays or schedule changes, the airport staff can inform you. Usually they provide immediate assistance or escort you to the gate, as it is in the interests of the airline to bring all passengers on board in time.

!It often happens that security controls are lengthy.

Should you have several flights booked independently, it may be necessary to collect the luggage again and give up and check in at the counter of the other  airline.


6. On target:

Congrats. You did it. Make your way to the baggage claim and wait quite relaxed. Do not panic, sometimes it can take an eternity until you hold your luggage back in your hands.
Those who check in tat last, will get luggage first;-) -> loading sequence

Should your baggage not be there (is very rare), speak to the staff at the airport provided information points! There, you will be helped quickly and easily.


Boarding Pass Beispiel

Boarding Pass Beispiel

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