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Cheap Flight Tickets on the Internet: searching for flights in the internet is very easy in our times. The really practical tools of flight search engines make it possible these days, to see how flights easily and quickly online. The Art to get a cheap flight ticket so depends on other factors. Here are my tips on how you book a really cheap flight on the Internet.


Cheap Flight Tickets on the Internet – So you literally getting the cheapest flights

Again and again I meet people who have paid huge sums for their flights. Most book these travel in agencies or are simply inflexible. Often the necessary background knowledge is missing. No problem: Here I have compiled some tricks to find cheap flight tickets on the internet:


Where to book cheap flight tickets?

In general, there are two possibilities: The travel agency or the Internet. The Internet is in my opinion always preferable, since it is given with the flight search engines the best overview of the entire market. A determination of the best price has thus become very easy. Cheap flights I find, therefore, only on the Internet. Only if you really need advice, a transition may be worth the travel agency.

Here you find cheap flight ticket on the Internet


The best flight search engine for booking tickets on the Internet

I only use Momondo, because I believe it is the best platform to find flights. Momondo offers flights not itself, but compares offers all online travel agencies and airlines. Moreover Momondo is easy to use.


Go to Momondo now


How can I get a better price for flight tickets?

The magic formula is flexibility + Book early at the right time! Only someone who is flexible, can achieve favorable prices. Even alone to fly on the right day of the week can make a big difference.

Rule of thumb: If you book early and you are still flexible in schedule, you find the cheapest prices.

Flights weekends tend to be always a little more expensive. But try to make your holiday planning so that you begin your journey during the week (Tuesday-Thursday).


What else can I do to book chap flights?

Try to avoid the peak tourist season! Then when all want to travel, it is of course the most expensive -> supply and demand regulate the price as everywhere in life.

Be flexible in the flight times may concern: Many routes will be flown several times a day. If you book, for example, a business route in the morning it is likely to be more expensive than at lunch time, when most people have their meetings at destination. This also applies to holidays (New Year’s Eve / Christmas Eve) and unfavorable flight times in the middle of the night or very early in the morning. Such unpopular flight times are often much cheaper!


Last Minute Flights

Only in the rarest cases, it is possible to get a last minute flight cheap. Especially on long-haul routes, which are anyway well booked, you will hardly succeed. But some said to have been lucky and booked a sensational bargain. I think that in most cases, a cheap last minute flight is a myth.


Choose the right Airport

Not infrequently some flights from or to nearby airports are much cheaper. For example, a flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok could be much cheaper than from Stuttgart to Bangkok. However, you should always be in your account involve, whether traveling by bus or car or train to the airport then in the end could be more expensive than the flight from home airport.

A practical example: If you want to fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui, can not get past a ticket of Bangkok Airways. The island airport is operated by Bangkok Airways exclusively and thus there is a monopoly on this route. Tickets from Bangkok to Koh Samui (directly) so not subject to the natural market law of supply and demand, because Bangkok Airways on this route is unrivaled. Prices range depending on booking time almost always around 100 USD.

However, if you want to save now on this route, you can fly from Bangkok to Surat Thani Airport. This is public and is driven by many airlines. The tickets are accordingly cheap. From Bangkok to Surat Thani, it is as low as about 30 USD. From Surat Thani to Koh Samui then a small bus and ferry must still be taken, which is around 10 USD. In effect, therefore, the flight to Surat Thani is much cheaper!


Use low-cost airlines

In many regions, there are already low-cost airlines. Only someone who knows how to use them consistently and resorting to this option will permanently can save money by flying. Some examples of good budget airlines: AirAsia, Nokair, Bangkok Airways, German Wings, Indigo, Jetstar and more.


Book flight tickets well in advance

Many flights can be purchased sensationally low in certain periods prior to departure. So for example it is best if you book a flight from Germany to Thailand about 19 weeks prior to departure. However, this requires a bit of experience. Not infrequently, I was annoyed because a flight had dropped suddenly overnight about 100 euros in the price. In general you should book your flight ticket about 3-4 months before departure.



Good luck for your next booking and enjoy your trip!

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