Security Thailand travel Backpacker

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Security Thailand travel Backpacker: The question of safety as a backpacker always comes on some point during the trip. Sometimes parents ask very worried. Here I have summarized all the information about security as a backpacker in Thailand.


Security Thailand Travel Backpacker


General Safety in Thailand:

Thailand can safely be described as a very safe destination. The people are friendly and open-minded. The strong religious influence shapes the people very. Travel must be regarded in Thailand as well as unproblematic as anywhere else in Southeast Asia. One of the biggest dangers is, however, from the traffic. So many islands, for example, statistically speaking,have the most dangerous places in the world for driving motorbike (small land area / high number of accidents).

Of course there is anywhere in the world an  in Thailand petty criminal mischief. However, I must honestly confess that I was able to observe several pickpocketing with my own eyes during a one-week stay in Paris, as in several months in Thailand (Paris 2 / Thailand 0).

Thailand can therefore be traveled carefree in my view. I would even argue that it partially more criminal goes on in major european cities.


Dangers for backpackers in Thailand:

Despite the general safety, there are also some things you should observe. With these safety tips in Thailand but should almost nothing go wrong.


1.The angry Thai:

Thai people are always kind and considerate. The education and mentality moves them to accept everything with a smile. Discussions excluded. However, you need to adjust this condition to 100 percent. Getting loud and worrie a Thai lose face in public is to expect dire consequences.
Unfortunately, I had even once such an experience: I bargained vigorously in a travel agency for the price. It was obvious that the staff tried to sell me to greatly inflated prices. When I was outraged it was a little louder, I was ushered out quickly from the travel agency, as I would have liked! I had unwittingly ensured that the employee in the agency lost his face in front of customers and colleagues! A no-go … Sorry for this 😉

If I would then still have been at this time relentlessly, the situation could have very easily escalate.

So: Never be rude or even loud. This is contrary to Thai-understanding every respect!


2.The traffic:

The traffic in Thailand is partially as hell. As can drive around comfortably on small islands, urban centers such as Koh Samui and Phuket are life-threatening. Little consideration and many potholes dominate the street scene. And if you wonder why so many vacationers are taped to the arms and legs, it is because they have picked up the so-called Thai tattoo.

So always drive carefully and with foresight! Get used to driving on the left and think always about everything! On alcohol, you should not drive anyway. You’ll need all your senses to 100%!



Stay away from drugs! Drug use, and trafficking Traded be punished rigorously in Thailand. The maximum penalty is death! Especially on the Full Moon Party is to act with increased caution.


4.Rummaged Bags:

Backpacker travel frequently with coaches across the country. It may occasionally happen that night time runs mainly on the luggage compartments are rummaged for valuables.

So stow all valuables always in your hand luggage in your area. So you are bidding thieves no chance and can counteract theft effectively.


5.Borken up Bungalows:

Again and again one hears of broken bungalows that were rummaged. Stow valuables and passport precaution, always in the safe. However, I can report no negative experience.


6.Jetski Scam / Motor Bike Scam:

If you rent cars you should always document the original condition. Holding any damage to the rental agreement. Scan the scooter or jet ski to prove possibly that you are not responsible for the damage. Not infrequently, the tenants said to have damage that he did not cause. They will be punished with exorbitant sums of 60,000 Baht or more. For comparison: a good used scooter you get from just 20,000 Baht. Not a bad deal for the owner.


7.Swimming in the sea:

Red flags should always be observed! Especially in Phuket there are dangerous, unseen currents. Who goes swimming despite the red flags, can pay for this with his life. Quite often tourists have drowned, who defied the instructions.


As you can see, most things are really simple measures to avoid! All listed “dangers” are also not the rule and more of a RARITY! I myself have never had to experience any of the above situations (except no.1). Chok Dee!

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