Airport transfer Koh Samui – all ways to your hotel

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Airport transfer Koh Samui: All ways to reach you hotel on Koh Samui cheap and fast.

Finally arrived at Samui International Airport, of course, one looks forward to the upcoming days and can not wait to be driven to his beach or the hotel. Whether the accommodation in Lamai Beach, Chaweng, Bophut or Maenam is located, priced hardly plays a role. Prices vary only slightly. All about the airport transfers on Koh Samui.

Airport transfer Koh Samui: Transfer – Lamai, Chaweng, Bophut, Maenam


Directly at the arrival terminal wait many taxis for the newcomers. The prices are around 500 (+ -200) Baht.  A Taxi for 500 Baht can be taken without hesitation. Cheaper it is nowhere. Somehow I had all the time anyway on Koh Samui the feeling that somehow every ride, no matter how long or where going to cost about 500 baht! Also toughest negotiations were usually not successful!
Nevertheless: The taxi is comfortable, fast, and you do not have to wait for more passengers. It is therefore suitable as a good option for the airport transfer ono Koh Samui. If you get together even more travelers who want the same destination, then the taxi is worth even more.


Airport trasnfer Koh Samui Taxi fare:

Price per Taxi in Baht
Airport – Big Buddha: 400
Airport – Chaweng (Nord): 400
Airport – Chaweng (Center): 500
Airport – Chaweng (Main Road): 600
Airport – Lamai (Nord-Center): 600-700
Airport – Lamai (South): 800
Airport – Spa Village: 800
Airport – Centara Villa: 1000
Airport – Nathon – Taling Ngam: 800-1000
Airport – Bo Phut: 500
Airport – Mea Nam – Banntai: 600-800


Update 22/09/14: Meanwhile, supposed to have been introduced on Koh Samui the taxi meter. The taxis are therefore supposed to Bangkok prices. Only a island surcharge of 50 baht per person will be due. I myself could not not test it, but I will report as soon as I saw it with my own eyes.


By Minibus:

The classic minibus waits until enough passengers have come together for the tour to the respective destination. This can lead to short waiting time. But if you drive to the big places like Lamai, Chaweng or Bophut, you will probably have no problems to find enough passenger. The prices are a lot cheaper then Taxi and start at 100 baht per person. Best option for backpackers and budget travelers. The mini buses are also to be found at the arrival terminal and tickets can be purchased at counter  in the lobby.


Airport transfer Koh Samui Minibus fare:

Price per Person in Baht
Airport – Big Buddha: 100
Airport – Chaweng (Nord): 130
Airport – Chaweng (Center): 130
Airport – Lamai (Nord-Center): 170
Airport – Lamai (South): 200
Airport – Spa Village: 200
Airport – Centara Villa: 600 (1-2 Personen)
Airport – Nathon – Taling Ngam: 600 (1-2 Personen)
Airport – Bo Phut: 130
Airport – Mea Nam – Banntai: 150-200


Private Minivan Taxi:

Here usually fit more than 6 passengers inside. The advantage is obvious! The more people find themselves, the ride is cheaper per person. Ideal for small groups and people who have signed acquaintances on the plane. The minivan taxis can be booked at the transport counter in the Arrival Area.


Private Minivan Taxi from Koh Smaui Airport fare:

Price per Minivan in Baht
Airport – Big Buddha: 500
Airport – Chaweng (Nord): 800
Airport – Chaweng (Center): 800
Airport – Lamai (Nord-Center): 1000
Airport – Lamai (South): 1200
Airport – Spa Village: 1500
Airport – Centara Villa: 1500
Airport – Nathon – Taling Ngam: 1200
Airport – Bo Phut: 700
Airport – Mea Nam – Banntai: 800-1200


Hotel pick-up service: 

Many hotels offer a partly free or cheap pick-up service at the Koh Samui airport. This can be booked on request at the hotel. Prices vary here. But should be in the range of a taxi ride. The advantage is very clear that you don’t have to worry about anything and a friendly driver is waiting with a name tag on the baggage claim for you.


With rental car:

The car rental can be booked on Koh Samui International Airport in the arrivals terminal.


Airport transfer Koh Samui: The possibilities to get from Koh Samui Airport to the hotel are versatile. Depending on time of day, budget and usage I recommend a taxi or minibus as the shared good way of airport transfers on Koh Samui.

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