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Thailand is an ideal destination for backpackers. Not infrequently, the kingdom is now described as the best start in the backpacking world. The infrastructure has developed so well in the past few decades that there are no problems to get from place to place. Here you can find all information about travel as a backpacker in Thailand.


Transport for backpackers in Thailand – Thailand Easy tour

To move ahead as backpacker in Thailand, it does not take much. Many travel agencies offer more than enough deals to go even to the remotest corners of the country. The offer is actually almost never in short supply and the service is of the highest standard and very reliable.


Here is a small overview of all means of transport for backpackers in Thailand:


1.Bus in Thailand:

Buses run through the whole country. The network is so well developed that it is totally unproblematic to travel from north to south by bus. By the locals, the bus is the transport of choice. This is mainly due to the low prices.

However, there are buses for locals and tourists. While the tours to the Isaan are more in demand of locals some vendors have specialized in the south to tourists. These buses are more comfortable and better, and the tickets more expensive. It is called VIP bus and is a very pleasant variant of traveling. However, there is also no obligation to use this as a tourist. If you prefer to go cheaper and forgo the extra comfort can, you’re also well served with a cheap ticket.

Buses for backpackers operate mainly in Bangkok to the tourist destinations such as Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, etc.

In most tickets is already the transfer via ferry included (if necessary).


The various buses at a glance:

Standard buses:

Orange buses without air conditioning and all the comforts. They cost about 70-80 baht per person and the windows can be opened. The most uncomfortable but cheapest option. So a trip to Phuket costs around 300 baht and takes eternal 16 hours.

Blue buses with air conditioning and only 50 seats. These buses are most comparable to our coaches. A toilet is on board. The fare to Phuket is about 500 baht and lasts just as long as with the orange bus.



The “expensive” tourist buses. Only 24 people can be accommodated here. The seats can be partially made ​​completely horizontal. This is Travel in the luxury class. Sleeping is possible, therefore it is advisable to book a night drive. The price is 700 baht. The extra comfort worth gold!
The best option for weary backpackers.
! Please book maybe a few days in advance as 24 seats may be sold out quickly!
In most tickets is already the transfer via ferry included (if needed)


The prices: 

The price of a bus ticket vary depending on distance and comfort level.

Cheap Tickets start at around 150 baht.
VIP Tickets are little bit more expensive.


Where to buy Bus tickets?

Tickets can be purchased in countless travel agencies. Mostly a pick-up incl. Transfer to the bus station is included.

If you like it a little cheaper, can be approached directly at terminals and buy a ticket on your own.


Keep safe in buses as a backpacker: 

Again and again it happens on long trips, that the Bags are get stolen in the cargo compartment. Best solution to avoid this is to stow all valuables in your hand luggage in a small backpack on the bus.


2.Minibus in Thailand:

Mini buses are a further variant to moving forward as a backpacker. This is worth especial for short distances, for example from Bangkok to the airport or from Koh Lanta to Krabi. Also the route Bangkok Pattaya is very interesting with the minibus.


Minibus prices/fees Thailand:

Mini buses pick up guests at the hotel and usually offer places for around 10 people. Air conditioning included. The prices for airport transfers start at 100 baht. The trip to Pattaya for example, costs the 300.

The transport runs reliably and without problems.


Buy a Minibus Ticket Thailand:

Tickets for mini buses you can buy at any travel agency.

Mit dem Mini Bus über die Kao San Road direkt nach Pattaya

Mit dem Mini Bus über die Kao San Road direkt nach Pattaya


3.Train in Thailand:

The train is probably the most authentic version in Thailand to travel as a backpacker. You meet lots of locals and is also a great conversation starter.

In addition to clean toilets and a good board service punctuality is program.


Train fares Thailand:

The fares are very low and divided into classes. It starts with the simple folding chair and end at First-Class Wagon with sleeping compartment. However, if you want to travel in First Class, you should definitely book in advance because the tickets are sold out quickly. Especially at peak travel times such as Songkran or New Year is just rare to get some place.

-2nd Class:
250 Baht

-First Class ticket BKK-Chiang Mai:
1,300 Baht


The train routes through Thailand:

Northern Line
Bangkok – Lop Buri – Nakorn Lapang – Chiang Mai North
Eastern Line
Bangkok – Pak Chong – Ubon Ratchathani – Nong Khai oder Bangkok – Don Muang – Surin – Udon Thani oder Bangkok – Nakorn Ratchasima – Ubon Ratchathani
Western Line
Bangkok – Prachin Buri – Pattaya – Aranyaprathet
Southern Line
Bangkok – River Kwai – Hua Hin – Surat Thani – Butterworth


Where to buy train ticket in Thailand?

Train tickets you buy the best at the train station or at a travel agency. If you want to travel in a sleeper, you should book a few days earlier. Just go to the station and have a look in advance for a ticket.


4.Ferries in Thailand

Ferries and boats come always come into play when you want to travel from island to island. Also, the approach from the mainland, for example, from Surat Thani to Koh Samui is only possible by ferry.

Ferries enjoy a rather less good reputation. The Security equipment is partly miserable, the boats are often overcrowded. However, there is usually no other choice.


Prices for Ferries in Thailand:

Ferry tickets are cheap. For example, the fare from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan 150 baht.
Where to buy Ferry tickets?

Ferry tickets you can buy directly at the pier or the surrounding travel agencies. On larger islands is the transport via minibus to the pier in the price included. The price is in this case of course a little bit higher.




Domestic flights in Thailand are an alternative even for backpackers! You get tickets from € 9! No kidding.

A detailed article on this can be found here


Domestic flights are of course less authentic, but save a lot of time. So if you want to travel from north to south, could a domestic flight a very good opportunity.



Starting from 9 Euro.


Where to buy?

In the Internet or in any good travel agency


6.Taxi in Thailand:

If there is no other way in Thailand the taxi is always available. The prices are indeed extremely higher for Europeans but still not really worth mentioning. Distances of 80 kilometers cost depending on negotiation skills good 30-40 euros.


7.Songthaews in Thailand:

Songthaews there as well as in any large town or each island. Taking a taxi from a set route and you jump by hail on. Dismounting works well. The driver is then paid through the side windows. The prices are extremely low and are in the city of Pattaya at 10 baht.

The songthaew is a super cheap way to travel distances at close range.


Songhthaew rip:

Unfortunately, many drivers try especially in tourist places unsuspecting people to rip off. Coated fares are called. Caution is advised, just take the next one! And who asks for the price will be ripped off for sure. Watch the other passengers in doubt. What they do and how much they pay?


With this guide for transportation in Thailand as a backpacker you should already avoid some mistakes and got a rough idea of ​​the simplicity of transportation in Thailand. Detailed information about good Backpacker routes in Thailand you can find here.


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