Backpacker accommodation and bungalow Thailand

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To find a place to stay as a backpacker in Thailand is really easy. There are always plenty of accommodations in all price and comfort classes. Whether beach bungalows in Thailand or Guest Houses, travelers never have trouble to find a good and cheap accommodation.

Backpacker accommodation and Bungalows Thailand

Before I release you later in the vastness of booking portals, I would like to give you a brief overview of accommodation and bungalows in Thailand.

All accommodation in Thailand at a glance – So you book the right backpacker accommodation for you:

  • Hostel Thailand:

Hostels are particularly popular with backpackers in Thailand. Here you will find a dormitory room with shared bathroom to the small single room actually everything the backpacker heart could desire. In hostels, it is very easy to come in touch with other travelers. In addition, an accommodation in the hostel is one of the cheapest ways.

Hostels therefore particularly suitable for low-budget and independent travelers.

  • Bungalow Thailand:

Who does not know? The image of the beautiful beach bungalow in Thailand is just too beautiful. But not to be true. Beach bungalows are not uncommon in Thailand and not expensive. Depending on the comfort level and position it goes down to 250 baht the night. Often the bungalows in Thailand are relatively spartan. Besides a bed and a small shower is often not much more in it. However, there are also more comfortable with air conditioning and TV. But who dies this really need, if the evening sea breeze can blowing your nose?

To stay in a bungalow in Thailand, is amazing and not expensive at all! Bungalows, also well known as resorts, you’ll find actually at almost every beach.

  • Guest House Thailand:

Guest Houses in Thailand are a cross between a hotel and hostel. The most familiar atmosphere in the guest houses exudes a special charm. So you get from the owners often valuable tips on the best places to visit or where to eat good and cheap.

  • Hotel Thailand:

Hotels are really not a classic backpacker home. In Thailand, but this is not excluded. Some of the prices for us Europeans are still low. So if you want a couple of days break off from the “hard” backpacker life, you can grab with luck a super luxury hotel at an affordable rate.

Booking Backpacker accommodation and Bungalows in Thailand – How it works:

Accommodation and bungalows you can book locally in Thailand easily. But if you want to know a few days ago where you sleep, you can easily book on the internet in advance any accommodation. For this I show you further down some very good possibilities.

Also the main holiday period around New Year’s and Christmas you ought to consider accommodations in Thailand to reserve.

If you want to travel to the Full Moon Party Koh Phangan, you need reservations too! Meanwhile, the event is so popular that the accommodations are scarce and at times it is almost impossible to get one for a reasonable price on the spot.

The best booking sites for cheap accommodation and Bungalows Thailand:

On these portals, it is advisable to book especially backpacker accommodation and Bungalows Thailand. I have all already tested itself and can unreservedly recommend this! Any recommendations I make the deepest conviction!

  • plays a very important role for me. On the great and clearly designed portal Besides hostels and guest houses to find many bungalows. On you can always find super cheapest prices guaranteed! And when I had to leave early times, a cancellation was not a problem. Highly recommended!

Here you can find backpacker accommodation and bungalows in Thailand on

  • Agoda:

Agoda is specialized in the Asian market. Accordingly, here you can find deals that do not exist anywhere. Payment is simple and straightforward with credit card. Agoda is for me an interesting addition to other hotel search engines, and especially in Thailand and neighboring countries is hard to beat.

Here you can find hotels and bungalows in Thailand at Agoda

The ultimate backpacker booking page:

At the very end of course I have a little surprise for you. In Thailand you can book directly hotels and bungalows in travel agencies. Exactly this booking software can be found here. Prices are sensationally low and correspond to 1:1 to the local prices in Thailand. I’ve often booked about this page and it always went all without a hitch.

Here you’ll find accommodations that are found nowhere else. It speilt not matter whether Bungalow, Hostel or Resort. Have fun looking around!

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