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There are many possibilities to get from Bangkok airport to the city. In this article I speak solely from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is the main airport and is driven by all international airlines.


Airport transfer to Bangkok:


1.With taxi from the airport to Bangkok

Apart from the VIP Taxi the regular Taxi is the most convenient way to reach the city center of Bangkok. Taxi stands can be found in the lower part of Terminal 1. Introduce yourself simply assigned to the queue and you get a driver from the taxi stand. The prices are fixed and are depending on the destination between 400 and 500 Baht including Highway – City toll. If you still find some fellow travelers here, so can be quite comfortable, fast and inexpensive go directly to your desired destination. The journey takes about 45 minutes. Tip: Give yourself a precaution again confirm the fare when boarding and insist that the taxi meter is turned on.

I allow myself the luxury of actually getting a taxi from the airport to Bangkok to drive, because I after a long flight usually have no more desire for adventures and full buses.

! UPDATE 05/07/14!

The taxi driver who is assigned to one of the official counters at the airport are required to go to taxi meters. Every passenger gets a piece of paper handed out, which allows a complaint. However, it is also that a driver fee of 50 baht and a highway fee of 50 Baht is also payable in addition to the taxi meter price, the passenger has to take over. This is officially and regular.

The ride from the Airport to Khao San Road costs with taxi meter around 260 baht. In addition, then the above 100 Baht will be charged. So the fare is 360 baht. Who still gives the taxi driver a small tip, is now back at 400 baht for the ride …

I noticed that especially in the peak season at Christmas time is like trying to drive without taxi meters. So come around 100 Baht out for the driver. The best way by taxi meters to go is the easy to get in and not to ask for the price. Who asks only demonstrates ignorance. When the driver does the taxi meter not turn on by itself after a short time, simply request them. It is your good right to drive right with taxi meter. If the driver still does not want to turn, you should just get out and go back again to the counter. This is what the drivers want to avoid in any case, since the non-turn on is illegal and as far as known the driver will in future not be able to get access to the airport area.


2. With the bus from the airport to the city

The buses start at the bus terminal. The bus station can be reached by a free shuttle service. Just follow the signs to the airport. The ride with one of the 12 bus costs 35 baht and is thus a lot cheaper than other means of transport. However, the trip takes a little longer and the bus also stops not normally directly at the desired target. Who wants to take the bus from the airport to Bangkok, must demonstrate initiative and find out which bus goes where on the terminal absolutely. Moreover, it may of course be necessary to convert saddle at the bus stop on other means of transport to get to its final destination.


3. With the train from the airport to Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport Link)

There operate two lines on the same track in the direction to Bangkok City.

Airport Express line:

  • No stops on the way to downtown
  • 15 minutes
  • Price: 100 Baht
  • Operates from 6-0 clock every half hour.
  • Final destination: Makkasan


Airport City line:

  • six stops
  • Travel time approximately 30 minutes
  • Price: 15-45 baht
  • Operates from 6-0 clock every 15 minutes
  • Final destination: Phaya Thai

The train is a fast and inexpensive alternative. Unfortunately, further transportation are then needed to get to your Hotel or final destination.
The price for a trip from the Phaya Thai station to Khao San Road should be about 60 baht taxi meters for example.


Anyone who arrives after 0 clock at Bangkok airport and want go in the city, has anyway to take not many other options than the taxi. This is for me after a long flight anyway always the first choice.

Who can persuade the taxi driver to turn on the taxi meter or demonstrates some skill in bargain, can also get a better price for the transfer from the airport to Bangkok.


The way back from downtown Bangkok to the Airport:

To get from Bangkok back to the airport, it is recommended to buy a shuttle bus ticket in one of the many travel agencies. These are available starting at 100 baht and several times a day absolutely reliably and quickly from downtown Bangkok to Bangkok Airport. Anyone who is interested in the means of transport within Bangkok should definitely watch my article about Transportation in Bangkok!


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