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In this article I am concerned with the transportation, which are in Bangkok available. Many have probably wondered how to optimally move in Bangkok. Unfortunately, this question does not answer as simple as it sounds. Due ti the daily traffic jam, it is advisable to be as flexible as possible to get around in Bangkok. 


How to get around in Bangkok – All transportation Bangkok  

What are the possibilities of getting around Bangkok?

Rental Car in Bangkok:

Forget it! Local knowledge is not available and the traffic has nothing in common with Europe!

Topic closed!


Taxi in Bangkok:

Taxis in Bangkok: Taxis sind in Thailand in den verschiedensten Farben lackiert. Auf dem Dach sollte aber immer die Leuchtschrift Taxi-Meter zu sehen sein. Photo CC by Christian Haugen

Taxis in Bangkok: Taxis sind in Thailand in den verschiedensten Farben lackiert. Auf dem Dach sollte aber immer die Leuchtschrift Taxi-Meter zu sehen sein.
Photo CC by Christian Haugen

Taxis in Bangkok: Taxis are painted in Thailand in various colors. But on the roof always the neon sign taxi meter should be shown.
Taxis are a good way to move forward. The prices are cheap. When driving by taxi meters, even again a lot cheaper. Unfortunately, the driver switch the taxi meter at farangs only very reluctantly. So we usually only have the possibility to negotiate a fixed price.
Taxis are at any time day or night anywhere. Please pay attention to the words “Taxi-Meter” .

A downer but there is: Unfortunately, a progress with taxis during peak hours (noon-late afternoon) is hard or even impossible. The driver reject the passengers not from reason. Please deviates from then on other means of transportation.

Prices: 30 minutes drive by taxi meter should be well below 200 baht.
Often Fixed prices are agreed, which naturally seem to increase for us, but are still to cope. (300-500 Baht)


Bangkok Karte: Alle Linienverbindungen - Skytain - U-Bahn

Bangkok Karte: Alle Linienverbindungen – Skytain – U-Bahn


Motorcycle Taxi Bangkok:

The motorcycle taxis can be recognized by the drivers with the orange jackets. The trip turns out adventurous and winds precariously through the traffic. Although motorcycle taxis in Bangkok are very popular with the locals, I advise them to dare to make such a journey.

Prices: Here are the prices should be negotiated in any case in advance.


TUK TUK Bangkok:

The Tuk Tuk is the means of transport par excellence in Bangkok. The small auto rickshaws are much more agile than taxis and operate even at peak times. With a tuk tuk to get even by the largest traffic jam and somehow it also brings with it a sense of adventure with them to use this means of transportation in Bangkok.

Prices: The prices for Tuk Tuks are always negotiated in advance. Negotiating skills are important, because the driver always charge a higher price.

More about tuk tuks in Bangkok in one other article of mine



BTS Skytrain Bangkok:

Skytrain Bangkok

Skytrain Bangkok
Photo CC by Ian Fuller

The Skytrain, is as the name says a train, which travels on concrete pillars above the traffic. Unfortunately, the network is expanded not so dense, such as the subway in London. Nevertheless, I can only recommend this means of transportation. The cars are clean and air conditioned. The train runs every 5-10 minutes and provides between 6 am and midnight clock easy access to many attractions. Unfortunately there is no station in close proximity to the Khao San Road.

Price: Tickets may be purchased at the respective stations. A day ticket for multiple trips there for 120 baht and worth for every tourist.


MRT Subway Bangkok:

The Subway runs on a 21-kilometer route and stops at 18 stations. Located on Sukhumvit station to change trains at the Skytrain is possible. The waiting times are between 5 and 10 minutes and the subway runs from 5-24 clock. Unfortunately, the network is not really developed enough for a big city like Bangkok. By comparison, the excellent network of London Underground covers 402 km in length and 270 stations.

Prices: Again, a day ticket is to have as 120 Baht.


Bangkok River Boats:

Taxiboote verlassen eine Station in Bangkoks Zentrum

For getting around in Bangkok the famous river boats or water taxis come into question. These ply the Chao Phraya River and, of course, are always regardless of the traffic. A quick going through Bangkok is guaranteed. Also, allows one a ride in the boats to see the city from a different angle. The river boats connect numerous attractions and hotels.

Prices: The prices are extremely low. Tickets are purchased directly in the boat. Keep small money ready here. The price depends on the number of stations. Unfortunately I can not remember exactly so, but I think that the price for a trip from 4 stations is about 20 baht.


Buses Bangkok:

By Bangkok operate countless buses, which can be jumped on wherever you want. I myself have not used this, because I just do not understand what route the bus takes. Generally, I’ve seen only locals use these buses.

Price: As I have observed, I think a ride on the bus to is free. Surely I can not confirm this, however.

Who has already acquired experience, can tell me this!


So these are the means of transportation Bangkok that are available to you on your way through the city. Each individual has its advantages and disadvantages. In the end you have to decide which of them you want to use and what budget is available to you. Taxi ride is seen in the long run of course more expensive than using public transport.

Tuk Tuk Fahrt zur Hauptverkehrszeit. Die einzige Möglichkeit einigermaßen voranzukommen.



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