Rainy season in Thailand – All information

Rainy season in Thailand: Many people stay away from traveling during the rainy season in Thailand. The term monsoon season evokes unpleasant images in the mind, which have little in common with vacation. Can a trip to Thailand during the rainy season worth anyway?



Rainy season Thailand – All information

In this article I clarify over the rainy season in Thailand and what it is to be observed. On the regional differences in the rainy season I will not go into detail. Very roughly, the rainy season in Thailand is classified in the period from May to October.

Regen_Tropen_Regenzeit_in_ThailandThe term rain or monsoon season in Thailand may seem somewhat bad. Often, however, it can be extremely attractive to travel that time in Thailand. There are many advantages in favor of a trip to Thailand during the rainy season.


Advantages of the rainy season in Thailand:

1. Less people: 

During the rainy season there are far less tourists to Thailand as, for example, around Christmas time. In many places it is much quieter and calmer. Those who looking for more peace and quiet, it should consider traveling during the rainy season in Thailand.


2. Cheaper:

Flights and accommodation are cheaper during the rainy season. Due to the lower number of visitors true bargains can be made here. In addition, much more free rooms are available. Generally, the price level for the monsoon season reduces in contrast to the peak tourist season.


3. Rainy season in Thailand on the beach? – Not so bad:

You not can connect Monsoon rains and vacation at beach in your mind? Who imagines completely rainy days as in Europe, is completely wrong. Often it rains only 1-2 hours in the afternoon. But then really hard. The rest of the day the sun shines. Too Cold is a foreign word. Even during the rainy season it is consistently hot!


4. Green landscapes during the rainy season in Thailand: 

Thailand flowers during the rainy season on really. Many waterfalls worthy of the name until now. What was a small trickle in the dry season, suddenly becomes a roaring waterfall. The vegetation is much more interesting during the rainy season in Thailand and just beautiful.



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