Travelogue Koh Samui Thailand

Travelogue Koh Samui: In the third part of my trip report, it is about the coconut island Koh Samui in Thailand. After a boozy night out in Pattaya, I went in search of recreation conditions to Koh Samui. In the end I stayed there for more than ten days. What was there to see and […]

Travelogue Pattaya Thailand

Part 2 of my trip report on Thailand. After a very interesting stay in Bangkok with many great experiences I went on my very short walk to Pattaya. Many things I had heard, but mostly negative. Whether I was able to confirm that, you can learn in my travelogue Pattaya.    Travelogue Pattaya, Thailand   […]

Travelogue Bangkok No.1

Travelogue Bangkok: Part 1 of my trip report on Thailand. My first stop was like almost every other travelers as well, Bangkok. The capital of Thailand fascinates and polarizes their visitors alike and is either hated or loved. What I experienced there and if I hate or love this city, you can read in this travelreport.  Travelogue Bangkok […]

Expenses four weeks in Thailand as Flashpacker

After much deliberation I decided to write down a list of my expenses for a 4-week flashpackers stay in Thailand. This article will make you realize what costs how much and where you spend maybe too much money and there are definitely savings options.   Expenses four weeks in Thailand as Flashpacker My list of […]

Tiger Cave Temple Krabi – 1237 steps to happiness

Tiger Cave Krabi – 1237 steps to happiness: The Tiger Cave Temple near Krabi Town is for me one of the most impressive and most beautiful sights in all of Thailand. A visit to the magnificent temple complex should not miss Thailand tourists. Why is this so and what you can experience everything at Tiger […]